8 Signs of Damaged Sewer Pipes

8 Signs of Damaged Sewer Pipes
29/03/2021 Joshua George

Whilst dealing with your home’s internal plumbing system might not be the sexiest task, it is vital for your property’s smooth running. 

Any breakages or cracks in your sewer line should be dealt with as soon as they arise to prevent messy, smelly, and costly issues later down the line. 

What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is an integral element of any home’s plumbing system.

It is the main pipe that removes sewage from your toilets, as well as wastewater. 

What Causes Them to Break?

There are a variety of reasons your sewer line can break.

One of the most common causes is clogged drains. If the drain is clogged, the contents will continuously build up over time. Eventually, the pipe will not be able to take any more, and it will burst. 

Cracks can also occur simply due to the weather. Your pipes are exposed to the elements, and wear and tear, unfortunately, is inevitable.

Another common cause of damage is tree roots. As the thick, wild roots make their way through the earth, they can often penetrate sewage pipes which can cause a whole host of problems. 

Signs of Damaged Sewer Pipes

Slow draining

The most common sign of a damaged sewer pipe is slow draining.

If you notice that your toilet is struggling to flush, or flushing more slowly than average, then it may be an issue with your sewerage pipe. For example, if tree roots have penetrated and blocked the flow, this may cause the toilet to struggle to flush.

Bad Smells in the House

Bad smells are the most obvious sign of broken or damaged sewer drainage. The odours will be prevalent throughout the entire property but will be strongest in the bathroom and around the kitchen sink. The smell will be unpleasant and very difficult to mask.  

Toilet Gurgling 

If you notice that your toilet is making a strange noise after it is flushed, this is a sure sign of a plumbing issue. 

The unusual noises are caused by air being trapped and released, which happens when blockages and cracks appear along the piping system. 

Rat or Insect Infestation

Rats live in our sewers. Our plumbing systems are complete with preventative measures to stop the rats from making their way out of the sewers and into our gardens and homes.

However, the creatures can fit themselves through tiny gaps and holes in broken drains. Although it is normal to see a rat from time to time, if you notice increased numbers around your garden, this is likely a sign of a broken drainage system. 

Likewise, insects such as sewer flies and cockroaches can make their way through cracks. Unfortunately, once out of the sewer, these tiny insects can easily get into, and breed in our homes.

They will then be challenging to eradicate. At this point, professional pest control will be required as these insects can carry serious diseases. 

Damp and Mould

When you have issues with your sewage drains, it will inevitably cause problems with the whole plumbing system.

This means that water will build up in other places around the property, and you may notice damp patches on the walls or mould beginning to form. 

If you spot either of these, you must call professional help immediately to investigate the issue. If you fail to do so promptly, the matter will quickly become uncontrollable and can create a costly problem to rectify.  

Changes in Your Lawn

A damaged sewer pipe can go one of two ways when it impacts your lawn.

The nutrients from the broken sewer line can act as a fantastic fertiliser for your garden. 

Meaning the lawn near to the leak may be thriving. If you have a specific patch of lawn that is vibrant yet everything else is struggling to grow, this could be an indication of a sewage pipe issue. 

Alternatively, you may notice an awful smelling and soggy lawn.

It can turn your much-loved garden into a swamp and not only make it unusable, but it will also smell evil. This situation must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, you risk bringing disease and pest infestations into the home. 

Cracks in Your Walls

Cracks in the home should never be ignored.

It is perfectly normal for cracks to appear in new build homes as the property settles into its foundation. However, a property that has been standing for many years should not suddenly develop these issues. 

Although cracks are an extreme example of issues caused by damaged sewer pipes, it, unfortunately, is not uncommon. 

Where a leak goes untreated for an extended period, it can lead to severe problems with the foundations of your home, which will present themselves in the form of serious cracks. In the worst cases, sinkholes can be present at the property. 

Solutions for Your Drainage Defects

If you catch the problem early enough, drainage re-lining could be the perfect solution. It can fix your drainage issues with the least amount of fuss.

Drain re-lining essentially creates a pipe within a pipe. It involves inserting a liner into the broken pipe, bonded to the drain’s internal wall. This essentially blocks any cracks or gaps, allowing the line to work as it should.

Replacing the drain altogether can be a costly and time-consuming task. It can cause long term disruption to not only your plumbing system but the systems of your neighbours. Drain re-lining offers a more inexpensive and simple solution. 

Why Choose FS Drainage for Your Drainage Relining?

FS Drainage has the skills and tools to carry out drain lining or re-lining efficiently. We use state of the art ‘no dig’ technology, which allows us to complete the task whilst minimising the disruption to your family, and your neighbours.

This no dig strategy allows us to re-line the drain without excavating the soil surrounding it. 

Our re-lining services are incredibly rigorous and effectively give ‘as good as new’ results, at a fraction of the price. 

For any other drain related issues in the South East, contact FS drainage today.

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