Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Get Your Garden Ready For Summer
28/05/2020 Joshua George

With temperatures already starting to rise, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for outdoor fun. Whether you want to give your kids somewhere safe to play, relax in the sun or enjoy long evenings surrounded by friends and family, your garden will be at the centre of your plans this summer.

To ensure you’re ready to make the most of it, take a look at these top tips, find out how to clear blocked drains and get your garden ready for summer now…

  1. Instant makeover

In an ideal world, you’d spend time mowing the lawn, removing weeds from the flowerbeds and pruning overgrown plants in order to give your garden the kickstart it needs. However, the sun is already shining and there’s no time to waste when it comes to enjoying a British summer. If you want to give your garden an instant makeover, choose fast-track solutions instead.

Rather than mowing your lawn, make do with tidying up the edges with a strimmer. This will create a neat border and give your garden definition, which will detract from grass that’s a little too long. Instead of spending hours or days weeding flowerbeds, add bedding plants and use mulch to create a visually pleasing effect. As well as looking great, mulch will actually help to prevent weed growth and ensure the soil retains moisture, even on hot, dry days.

With innovative ways to cut down on your workload and revamp your garden, you’ll be outside enjoying the sun in record time.

  1. Clear blocked drains

If you want to spend time in your garden this summer, getting blocked drains cleared is absolutely essentially. Not only will a blocked drain cause an unpleasant odour to linger around your property, there could also be a risk to your health and safety if you leave blocked drains unresolved.

Clear blocked drains in your garden

Drain jetting clears blocked drains in minutes

If you’re dreading the thought of opening manhole covers and trying to track down where the blockage is, there’s no need to panic. Most attempts to clear blocked drains on your own fail, particularly if you don’t have access to the right tools and equipment. However, there is a quick and stress-free way to clear blocked drains.


Professional drain clearance ensures a blockage can be identified within minutes and resolved straight away. A CCTV drain survey means a blockage can be tracked down anywhere in the pipework, without the need for any digging or excavation. What’s more, drain jetting allows engineers to clear blocked drains almost instantaneously. With no mess and certainly no hassle, professional drain clearance is one of the fastest ways to ensure your garden is summer ready.

  1. Revamp garden furniture

If you have an existing set of garden furniture, you’ll want to revamp it in time for summer soirees and all-day BBQs. Many people leave their garden furniture out over winter, which means it can succumb to weather damage fairly quickly. However, overhauling your furniture can be a great way to update your outdoor style and it can also be a great task to take on while you’re stuck at home amid lockdown.

Turn any space into the perfect patio

For wooden furniture, you could try sanding and painting or staining, to give it a new look. Alternatively, wrought iron can be restored by removing rust with sandpaper or a wire brush, before being repainted. However, older iron pieces should always be restored by a professional as highly toxic lead paints were routinely used to enhance their appearance. If your garden furniture is made from plastic, you’re in luck. A simple scrub with warm, soapy water should be enough to have it looking brand new again.

If you don’t currently have any garden furniture, you’ll find plenty of options available. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your garden summer ready. Before buying a new set, take a look around your home and see whether any indoor furniture can be repurposed during the summer. Alternatively, give yourself a restoration project and pick up vintage or pre-loved pieces and get to work.

  1. Add some shade

You may not be jetting off abroad this summer, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need sun protection. Even when the temperature isn’t excessively high, it’s easy to succumb to sunburn and heatstroke. Due to this, you’ll want to ensure your garden has some shady areas where you can enjoy the warm temperatures without sitting directly in the sun.

Outdoor umbrellas are always a popular choice, but many people get fed up of putting them away at the end of each day and getting them setup again every morning. If you want an easier solution, take a look at outdoor awnings. These are easy to install and provide permanent access to shade in your garden. In addition to this, awnings can easily be opened and closed using either a manual handle or a remote control. In fact, more advanced systems can even be managed by a smartphone app or voice control.

Although it’s important to think about sun protection at any age, it’s particularly critical that young children aren’t exposed put in harm’s way. Their delicate skin can easily become burned, so be sure to use sun protection with a high SPF. Remember – if youngsters are playing in a paddling pool or spraying each other with water pistols, you’ll need a sun cream that’s waterproof too.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Outdoors

The vast majority of the population have spent a lot more time indoors recently, so the opportunity to spend more time outdoors comes as a relief to many people. As well as ensuring you get your daily dose of vitamin D, spending more time outdoors can help you to increase the amount of physical exercise you get and have a highly beneficial effect on your mental health too.

Whether you want to do a little yoga practise on the patio, play games with younger members of the family or simply relax in the sun, a little preparation will ensure your garden is the perfect place to be this summer.

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