How To Fix A Cracked Sewer Pipe

cracked pipe

A sewer pipe is essential in the house. The plumbing system in the home is designed to bring fresh and clean water into the house and take out used water through the sewer line. One tends to experience difficulty whenever a sewer line breaks. The water flow is stopped, and the whole house gets messed up. Detecting this fault early helps out a lot. A functioning sewer line keeps your drain flowing properly, cleanly, and clearly. When you start experiencing backed-up water in the tub, sink, and toilets; or perceive foul odour from one or more drains; you likely have a broken sewer.

What do you do when they get spoiled? Do you have to go through the stress of calling a professional, or can you attend to the damages yourself? The answers to these questions are in this piece as we provide solutions to repairing your cracked sewer pipe.

  • Locate The Broken Pipe

Before doing anything or calling for professional drain services, the first step is for you to find the pipe. Identifying the location of your broken sewer line will help you solve the difficulty that comes with a broken or clogged sewer. This is the first step to take when evaluating the problem. The sewer pipe is an item located in the basement or crawl spaces under your home. You have a broken pipe when you start experiencing bug-infested, smelly, and foggy areas in the home that cannot be cleared with a plunger. You can seek the assistance of a professional who will use a closed-circuit TV to peep into your sewer line and find out the extent of damage and the exact location of the breakage. They will be able to determine if you have to replace a pipe, repair a section of the pipe, or if you need a full replacement.

  • Try Unclogging The Drain

Finding out if the deer pipe is clogged or broken can help minimise cost. If the sewer pipe is clogged, it can result from many factors. The popular reasons for a clogged sewer pipe include soap and hair scum, kitchen grease, and large wads of toilet papers or sanitary pads. If these factors listed here are why you are experiencing difficulty with your sewer pipe, then you can solve this with the help of a plumber. They are effective even if the clog affects many pipes in the home. After trying to unclog a drain and all efforts prove abortive, you can employ a professional’s help. Drain chemicals and a plumber’s snake are used for small clogs. They should also not be used often; else, they’ll increase the damage done to your pipe.

  • Evaluate The Damage

Getting a professional to check out your sewer pipe can help you evaluate the extent of the damage. Aside from backed-up clogs, there are many other ways by which a sewer pipe can become broken or clogged. Pipes made out of clay or cast iron become brittle over time and won’t be able to take the pressure of excess waste, water, and chemicals used by many homeowners to clean their drains. Your sewer pipes can also be broken by bushes and trees planted close to the sewer pipe. At points where the root of the tree begins to take hold, it will break your sewer pipe. Also, putting too much paper into the toilet can lead to sewer pipe breakage or crack. Lastly, improper flushing can lead to a cracked or broken sewage pipe. Evaluating and identifying the source of the crack sewer pipe will make solving the problem easy and avoid such a problem next time.

  • Replace or Repair Broken Sewage Pipe

Once you realise that your sewer pipe is cracked or broken, then you are left with the option of either replacing or repairing them. Sometimes, you will be able to repair the section of the crack, and often, you have to repair the entire line if you use an old sewer pipe. New technologies help to replace or repair a cracked or broken sewer pipe within just one day. This doesn’t waste time or cause you any inconvenience at home or work. Another sewer replacement method is the trenchless sewer line replacement which is less invasive. It replaces your broken or cracked sewer pipe with a resin-soaked pipe that hardens and makes the pipe stronger. This can last for close to 50 years. This method can be applied when repairing short sections of sewer pipes in municipalities, businesses, and homes.

Many disadvantages come with a cracked sewer pipe, including great discomfort, utmost frustration, damage to homes and businesses, and health issues. If you have a cracked sewer pipe that can’t be fixed with just a few DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) steps, then you should contact a professional to evaluate and fix the problem.

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