How to Prepare For a Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning is the most valuable service for any plumbing system around your home. It gets rid of clogs you were not even aware of and helps your plumbing system to function smoothly.

Ideally, every home should opt for a professional drain cleaning service at least twice every six months. Professional drain cleaning services, when done by a reputable plumbing company, can help you get rid of any active or developing clogs that could cause you trouble later on. 

Apart from knowing what to look for in a plumber, homeowners need to know that drain cleaning works better when you take a few simple steps to get your system ready for it. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for a drain cleaning service.

1. Create an Easy Access Point

The first step to prepare for a drain cleaning service is to ensure that you leave enough space for the technicians to come in and out. Make sure that you clear the path between your drain and the front door. From the entry of your house, get rid of any obstacle that will prevent your plumber from accessing your system. 

A good technician will need to come in with their equipment to get the job done, and that makes the space even more practical. At least three feet around the drain in question is suitable so that they can bring all the drain cleaning equipment in and out smoothly.

2. Clear the Surrounding

As we’ve already mentioned, your plumber needs a lot of space for them to complete their work smoothly. Having a lot of items around the access point to the drain will make the job more difficult for your plumber. 

Consider removing such items so that your plumber can easily access the drain. For example, some of us tend to keep kitchen supplies near the kitchen sink or toiletries under the bathroom basin. Make sure that you remove and keep them elsewhere before your plumber comes in to begin working on the drain. This will ensure maximum efficiency and safety as your plumber works. If there is dirt coming out of the drain, you don’t have to worry about any of your items getting dirty. Additionally, the plumber can use the extra space to rest their tools.

3. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are dangerous and can be very bad for your pipes. They can even erode your plumbing system over time. If you have a drain problem and have already contacted a plumber to come and fix it, you have to do some cleaning before the plumber arrives. 

Your problem is probably big enough, and chemical cleaners will only create an unsafe environment for everybody.  Use a half cup of baking soda and rinse with one cup of white vinegar. Block your drain with a stopper and leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash it out with hot water. While this may not get rid of your clog completely, it will make it easier for a professional to remove the rest of the obstruction.

4. Get Rid of Sewage

If sewage is already oozing out of the drains, you have to contact a waste removal company to dispose of the sewage even before calling in a drainage plumber. 

Just because your drain is faulty doesn’t mean that you have to leave the sewage unattended. Sewage waste is dangerous as it blocks the access point of the drain and makes cleaning extremely difficult. It can also cause contamination and illnesses. Therefore, if you want effective drainage services, call a waste removal company first to clear out the sewage waste and then ask your plumber to clean the drain.

5. Prepare for Additional Plumbing

The worst thing about a clogged drain is that it may not be the only plumbing problem that you have. A clogged drain often comes with additional issues, such as a sewer line failure or damaged pipes underneath.

Therefore, it is better to allow professional plumbers to tackle drainage problems rather than experimenting with DIY ideas. Expert plumbers not only clear out the clogs but also identify and resolve other existing and potential clog-related plumbing problems. This may result in extra charges. So as you invite your plumber, prepare for any additional services your drainage system may need. A good plumber will offer discounts for extra services, but you also need to prepare adequately. 

At FS Drainage, we work tirelessly to provide you with relevant drainage services at home. Our experienced technicians offer a wide scope of drainage solutions, making us your suitable partner of choice. Contact us today for all your drainage needs. There is always someone at the other end of the line to receive your call and assist you throughout the process.

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