What Are No-Dig Drainage Solutions?

What Are No-Dig Drainage Solutions?
26/03/2020 Joshua George
No-Dig Drainage Solutions

Blocked or damaged drains require repair but accessing the affected area can be tricky. Exterior drains are often situated deep underground, beneath soil, paving or cement. Similarly, interior drains are hidden behind tiling, within walls or underneath floorboards.

Traditionally, repairing or replacing drains meant uncovering them. This involved ripping up patios, digging up gardens, removing tiling and creating access points in interior walls. With so much disruption, it’s no wonder people dreaded having their drains repaired!

Fortunately, these types of drain repairs are rarely required these days. No-dig drainage solutions enable technicians to resolve drainage issues without digging down to the pipe. This means your pipes can be repaired and even renovated without removing anything that’s surrounding them.

There are various types of no-dig solutions which can be used to tackle drainage issues but the most common are drain jetting and drain relining. In addition to this, a diagnostic no-dig CCTV drain survey is an effective way to identify potential issues without uprooting any drains.

CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain SurveyTo resolve drainage problems, it’s important to identify the underlying cause. As well as ensuring the drain is fully repaired, locating the cause will help to determine who is liable for the problem. If your sinks are draining slowly, for example, it’s probably due to a blockage somewhere in the pipework. Depending on exactly where the blockage is, it may be the responsibility of the property owner, the water company or the local council.

Using the latest technology, our engineers can identify the cause of drainage issues with pinpoint accuracy. This enables us to assess the damage and provide a range of repair options. What’s more – CCTV drainage surveys can be carried out quickly and can be used on almost any drainage system or pipe network.

If you suspect your drainage system isn’t working properly or you notice slow drainage, contact us to arrange a CCTV drain survey today.

No-Dig Drain Jetting

Untreated blocked drains cause no end of problems. While a complete blockage will prevent anything passing through the drain, a partial blockage will build up over time until the affected pipes are no longer usable. In the meantime, you’ll notice a decrease in drainage speed and unpleasant odours emanating from your drains.

While drain rods can sometimes but used to resolve blockages found near the mouth of a drain, they are limited in terms of their effectiveness and reach. Furthermore, pipework can be damaged by standard drain rods, if they’re used improperly.

Drain jetting is an ideal solution for blocked drains. Using a high-pressure water system, our engineers can tackle even the most stubborn blockages. As water has the ability to travel around bends in the pipe and carries a significant amount of force when propelled by high pressure, jetting breaks down blockages in record time.

As well as being a highly effective form of repair, drain jetting is also a no-dig solution. By affixing the equipment to the mouth of the drain, our technicians can resolve blockages regardless of where they are in the pipework. This means you benefit from a quick and clean resolution, without the need for excavation or pipe removal.

Drain Relining

Drain ReliningWater can easily leak through damaged pipework. Even a relatively small crack in a drain can cause a significant slow leak. If left unrepaired, this could lead to flooding within your home or on your property. In addition to this, a damaged drain will worsen over time. Eventually, larger cracks will appear, causing major flooding, or the drain itself will collapse.

By repairing drains at the first sign of trouble, you can avoid major issues, like leaks and property damage. Relining the drain effectively means installing a liner on the internal walls of the drain. This acts as a ‘pipe within a pipe’ and provides a permanent solution to cracked or damaged drains. Once in place, your drainage system will be fully operational and functional.

Many people are surprised to learn that drain relining can be carried out as a no-dig drainage solution. Our technicians have specialist equipment and expertise, which enables us to offer no-dig drain relining on pipework from 100mm to 1500mm in diameter. If you want to repair your drainage system before disaster strikes, contact us to find out more about no-dig drain relining today.

When Are No-Dig Drainage Solutions Used?

A wide range of environments can benefit from no-dig drain repairs. Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from no-dig repairs, for example. Furthermore, almost any type of pipework is suitable for no-dig drain solutions.

However, no-dig drainage repairs are no longer an option once the damage becomes too severe. A collapsed drain typically needs to be removed and replaced, for example. To do this, the drain and its connectors will need to be accessed. Often, this means excavation, which increases the time and cost associated with the repair.

If you want to avoid the mess and hassle associated with drain replacement, it’s important to act quickly. Providing you take action quickly enough, there are a range of no-dig drainage solutions we can use to rectify most drainage problems.

Contact FS Drainage Today

When sudden drainage issues occur, no-dig drain repairs may still be a viable option. At FS Drainage, we understand the stress and worry that a blocked drain or leaking pipe can cause. That’s why we offer a rapid-response service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a 2-hour response time, first-time fix solutions and 6-month guarantee, you can trust us to restore your drainage systems quickly, efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about no-dig drainage solutions or to arrange for a technician to visit your property, contact FS Drainage now on 0800 689 3497 or email us at info@fsdrainage.com

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