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Problems a Blocked Drain Pipe Can Cause Residential & Commercial Property Owners

Inconvenience aside, a blocked drain, especially if it’s one you can’t resolve on your own can cause residential & commercial property owners a lot of trouble, including:

  • Unexpected overflowing of sinks, toilets, showers, and other parts of your property connected to your drainage system
  • Flooding during the rainy season as a result of blocked drains around your property
  • Structural damage to your property or drainage system
  • An infestation of pests in the likes of rats, cockroaches, and other insects that can create a nuisance and spread diseases
  • Nasty odours emitting from the blocked drains

The above-mentioned are the reasons why a drainage problem should not be neglected and should be addressed by a drain specialist in London right away. Whether you need drain unblocking in West London, East London, or another part of the city, get in touch and we’ll help resolve your drainage problem as a priority.

Signs of Blocked Drains at Your Property

Slow drainage of water: When you pour water down the drain in your bathroom sink or shower, water should drain out without a problem. If you have a drain blockage, the water will drain out slower or even start to accumulate in your sink or bath over time.

Gurgling sounds coming from the drains: Gurgling sounds in the drains are most commonly a result of trapped air that is trying to escape from the blockage when water starts flowing in.

Unpleasant odors: When your drains are blocked, everything that goes down your drains can get stuck. As a result, over days and weeks, nasty smells can start to come out of your blocked drain pipes.

A property-wide drain blockage: If the sinks in the kitchen & bathroom, shower, and outside drains are all showing the above-mentioned signs, that could mean your main sewer line is blocked up.

How Our Engineers Unblock Drains

Upon arriving at your property, our team of engineers will first conduct a CCTV survey of your drains. The survey will help them determine how blocked your drain system is and why it was blocked.

Sometimes, a blocked kitchen sink can be due to the build-up of grease at the bottom of the drainage pipe. This was the case with one of our customers that needed drain unblocking in East London. In such cases, you can simply pour boiling water, and it will melt away the grease and flush it out to the main sewage pipe.

  • Our engineers are all highly trained and experts in their field. Whether you’re a restaurant, barbers, vets or a larger industrial premises you’ll be well looked after by FS Drainage Services.

However, the majority of customers we work with who have a blocked drain in London are as a result of a bigger issue, where hot water and chemical drain unblockers won’t be of help. If your waste pipes are clogged up, our team will likely use a drain rod and drain jetting, and see if the blockage gets resolved.


We had a customer who needed drain unblocking in South London with a pretty complex case of drain blockage. To resolve their drainage problem, we had to apply the drain rodding technique, which involved the use of drain rods for a few hours.


Whatever the cause behind your drain blockage might be, our competent team of drain unblocking engineers will do their best to bring back your drains to their fully operational capacity.

Drain Unblocking UK FAQs

Which Areas of the UK Do You Cover?

At FS Drainage, our drain unblocking services cover the entire area of London, including Essex, and Hertfordshire. Our HQ is situated in Walthamstow, and as a result, we can quickly and easily reach all points of London and the surrounding area. As we work around the clock, our typical response time during the day/night is 2 hours.

How Much is a Drain Pipe Unblocking Service?

The cost of a standard drain unblocking in London and the surrounding area starts at £50. When it comes to our mechanical or high-pressure jetting service, it starts at £90. All of the prices don't include VAT and are for appointments set between 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday to Sunday. If you require an appointment outside of the above-mentioned hours, an additional out-of-hours fee will apply. Whether you need drain unblocking in Essex or central London, give our engineers a call at 0800 689 3497, and they will give you a free, no-obligation quote

My Drain Blocked. How Quickly Can You Come Out and Unclog It?

As we operate 24/7, 365, our typical response time is 2 hours. In other words, regardless of the time or day you reach out to us, our engineers will revert back to you within a two-hour period. With that said, as our HQ is situated in Walthamstow, if you're in need of drain unblocking in North London, as you are closer to us, we will get out to you faster. On the flip side, if you're in need of drain unblocking in Hertfordshire, it will take our engineers slightly longer to reach you.

How Can I Prevent Drain Blockages in the Future?

There are many different steps you can take to prevent blockages from happening in the first place. We recommend that you:

  • Avoid pouring oil, grease, and other such liquids down the drains
  • Avoid flushing non-degradable objects down the drain
  • Regularly clean and maintain your drainage system using the strongest drain unblocker you can find
  • Don't use a drain cover to catch debris

Following the drain cleaning service, our engineers will also give you all the guidance you need to prevent drain blockages from reoccurring.