About FS Drainage Services

Specialists with 24-hour emergency response throughout the South East.

There is someone to take your call 24/7 – whenever there’s a problem FS Drainage Services are here to help. Our team of field engineers work tirelessly to deliver a passionate and professional service every time you need us. We operate a highly flexible scheduling system allowing us to get the nearest available engineer to you as quickly as possible.

Whether its your home, your business or industrial premises we have the expertise and specialist equipment to get you back up and running. Just call our customer service team on 0800 689 3497

FS Drainage Services and the environment

Here at FS Drainage Services, we understand our obligations towards doing our bit for the world. We are committed to the implementation of the ISO 14001:2004 standard and conducting our operations in an ethical and responsible manner. Our environmental policy commits us to upholding high environmental standards and to continually improve our environmental performance.

Legal Compliance

Ensure that all operations carried out and any products used in the process are pertinent with environmental statutory and regulatory requirements

Pollution Prevention

We conduct our activities in a manner that prevents pollution and reduces the use of raw finite resources. We actively encourage the use of more sustainable alternatives.

Reducing Waste

We actively promote recycling and the use of recycled materials throughout our operation. We continually look for recyclable alternatives.

Stakeholder Involvement

We aim to promote an understanding of environmental issues amongst our employees and any suppliers or organisations working with us.

Where it started

FS was founded in 1998 as a service provider. Initially offering landscaping and garden drainage services, FS pioneered the concept of car park valeting units and went nationwide. Installation of the units from drainage and electricity to fixtures and fittings became its core business.
Due to popular demand FS expanded its offering and created a new enterprise, FS Drainage Services to provide solutions to all drainage issues.

Where the future will take us

We’re very proud of our past and origins and we continually look to improve our services. We have sustainable growth plans in place and aim to be client led in our expansion.
Regardless of what the future holds, FS Drainage Services are committed to being reliable, dependable and ready when you need us.

Why choose FS Drainage Services?