Our Cutting-Edge Approach to Drainage Surveys

Our high tech CCTV drainage surveys for domestic and commercial premises are in constant demand because they deliver answers to drainage questions in a timely, effective and advanced way.

Why would you need a CCTV drainage survey?

  • Maybe you are purchasing or selling a property and want to establish that everything is working correctly.
  • You are experiencing a drainage performance issue and suspect a fault. 
  • A drainage problem cannot be resolved with water jetting or less aggressive treatments. 
  • A comprehensive routine maintenance check, perhaps for insurance cover reasons or as part of a proactive programme to alert you to issues before they become problematic.

A homebuyer’s essential or additional research option?

Did you know that most insurance and mortgage companies have made CCTV drainage surveys mandatory for peace of mind on both sides of the sale. No one wants to be the buyer that discovers too late that they’ve inherited an issue that the vendor either didn’t know about or neglected to mention so that they weren’t liable.Historic properties can be susceptible to drainage issues as their systems are vintage models, and a property that has already suffered issues suggests that more are likely to appear. 

A CCTV survey delivers irrefutable facts and security; when your mortgage or insurance policy doesn’t stipulate a survey as a requirement, we recommend that you still have one carried out. Remember, you look under the bonnet when you buy a car so why wouldn’t you take a peek below ground when you buy a property and all its utilities? A bit of common sense goes a long way. 

What can CCTV tell us about the state of your drains?

Well, we already know that they aren’t the most glamorous of items but they have a vital role to play in ensuring that you have the water and drainage facilities that maintain health and safety and effectiveness.  CCTV cameras operated from ground level can assess the network’s overall robustness and whether there is an existing or a potential issue. Catching a problem as early as possible reduces stress, cost and time spent with a compromised system. The ability to use CCTV means that no excavation is required, instantly saving time and disruption. 

When there is a blockage the most common causes are fats, foodstuffs, hair, toilet tissue, toiletries and leaves, debris and soil, sometimes heavy rainfall can lead to blockages.

Adventurous kittens and ducklings have also found themselves stuck in drain pipes locally in recent months. They were retrieved safely. 

Expert CCTV survey or DIY?

Specialists exist because there is a need. If CCTV drainage surveys were a task to be handled by property owners on a sunny Sunday afternoon then we wouldn’t be half as busy as we are. We have earned our qualifications and accreditations in surveying to OX19X for piped drains and to OX21X for bricked sewers.

You may consider that you have enough property maintenance or DIY experience to take a chance but please, never risk sending your own camera equipment on wheels down into the drains or gamefully winch yourself down with a mobile phone and get stuck, to save money. To be blunt, is your equipment designed for surveying? Can it see hairline fractures? Will it reach as far as it needs to for a thorough network assessment? Do you know what you are looking for regarding connections and linings? How will you rectify an issue safely and effectively? Could you somehow make the situation worse? What if the problem isn’t mechanical but the result of a pest infestation in the pipework?

For confidence, trust in competitively priced trained experts instead. Be honest, would you have been so willing to dismiss professional help if you’d had to go to the effort of digging down to see in the drains? No, you’d have contacted a specialist. Our high specification CCTV cameras reveal hairline cracks and fractures, identify whether a drain requires relining, observes root ingress and water egress and whether any joints have been displaced. Trapped moisture attracts mould, mildew and pests. Pests like rodents can gnaw through a surprising thickness of materials, they may look small but their teeth are powerful. Contact with vermin and clearing an infestation is a specialist task that has severe health implications which should never be dismissed.

CCTV drainage surveys frequently deliver first time fix solutions. A delay in evaluation and treatment is unwelcome so we can be on site within 2 hours to do a survey and offer corrective work. A detailed report with recommendations for additional or remedial work can be issued to you so you can decide what action to take.

The issue won’t vanish

Ignoring an issue very often leads to more extensive damage which manifests to you as a higher fee and greater disruption. As you wait, health and safety can be adversely affected because harmful bacteria is allowed to multiply and with a blockage this can pollute the water with everything you’d hope was washed or flushed away. The bacteria in standing water can also become airborne, spreading the risks.

Allergy, sensitive skin sufferers and asthmatics will often experience greater symptoms until a drainage problem is resolved. The smells associated with drain issues have been proven to increase stress and anxiety levels, cause migraines, headaches and fatigue.  

It is worth educating your children from a young age about what should and should not be flushed down the toilet. It can save you a great deal of upset later down the line.


Ordering a survey for your home or business premises drains is as simple as picking up the phone. We’re here to help. We’re proud to possess CHAS, Contractors Health And Safety Scheme and Safe Contractor safety accreditations and to be members of the Water Jetting Association. Your drains are safe with us. So are you, rest assured that in these challenging times, we offer a no contact service and act in accordance with the current legislation. 

If you believe that there is a worrying issue or when you make a purchase or sell your property, don’t hesitate to call our friendly experienced team. We’ll employ our expertise and cutting edge technology to deliver you the best knowledge and results.